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Installation of additional headlights

The installation of additional headlights must meet the following requirements:

  • Illumination index – the total illumination of all devices in the car should not exceed 100.
  • Total number of headlights – depending on the type of car 12V or 24V, there is a maximum of headlights that can be installed on a car at the same time. In this case, additional headlights must be installed in pairs.
  • Connection requirements – depending on the type of product (high beam, side light or rear light), they must be connected strictly to the car’s standard headlights so that they work synchronously with each other. For example, if you install additional high beam headlights, you need to connect them to the main high beam so that when you turn on or off the high beam of the standard headlights, the additional high beam also switches.
  • Location Requirements – There are specific location requirements for the side and rear lights in the vehicle.

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